Product Service

Relying on years of work experience, PowerE2E aims to create a secure, convenient, and efficient service system as soon as possible, so as to provide strong power for the long-term and rapid development of the enterprise.

The systems of retailors and suppliers dock safely, so as to realize the data’s automatic interaction and its sharing, optimize sales management, and improve the core competitive force of the enterprise. Moreover, the docking system has also settled some universal problems of masses data sources, decentralized data storage, inefficient manual work, numbers of human errors, a huge amount of data, and difficult data analysis.

EDI Data Integration Services

build up a complete, efficient, and effective distribution system for the enterprise; it can help the enterprise promote its new products, obtain timely sales and inventory information of the distributors, get intact and clear data, allocate resources flexibly, make rational production plan, and reduce inventory pressure.

Distributor Management

Collect real-time monitoring data of vehicles, temperatures, humidity, and transportation, so as to computerization management of enterprise logistics system.

ECC&TMS Management Platform

with minimum rate, secure and timely transaction information, and actual transaction price.

Online Payment Platform for Supply Chain

Help the enterprise and super businesses establish an efficient, convenient, and clear account checking system as soon as possible, so as to reduce the manual work of the enterprise, achieve online information sharing, strengthen the efficiency of account checking between two sides, and improve customer experience. All in all, the account checking can be greatly promoted.

Account Checking & Invoice Management

Conforming to the standards of GS1, PowerE2E assists suppliers and retailors to conduct automatic data interaction with Chinese data pool, thus quickly establishing the commodity data synchronization among suppliers, retailors, e-commerce, and distributors.

E-Catalog Management

Core Value

Focusing on customers, PowerE2E has concentrated on the coordination of supply chains for a long time and constantly created fortunes for masses of customers. We have contributed to our common career with responsibility and capability, thus bringing health, happiness, and wealth to all the staff in the company.

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