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Devote to satisfying the demand for supply chain management by offering the solutions to the industry problems, thus helping the customer achieve success.

EDI Data Integration Services

As the leading EDI service provider in China’s retail industry, our company is meant to help retail industry and manufacturing industry to promote its operational efficiency through coordinating the supply chain.
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Distributor Management Platform

Establish complete, efficient, and effective distribution system for the enterprise to expend its business, achieve a win-win situation with distributors, and provide powerful strength for the long-term and rapid development of the enterprise.
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ECC&TMS Management Platform

Collect real-time monitoring data of vehicles, temperatures, humidity, and transportation, so as to computerization management of enterprise logistics system.
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Online Payment Platform for Supply Chain

With finance-based security architecture and professional product service, the platform meets various demands for Internet financial business among enterprises.
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Account Checking & Invoice Management

PowerE2E develops standard import interface, so that when suppliers upload the account data through the standard interface, the system will check the settlement data of the two parties automatically and finally provide with a statement. The statement includes the checking results off whole list and SKU details.
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Conforming to the standards of GS1, PowerE2E assists suppliers and retailors to conduct automatic data interaction with Chinese data pool, thus quickly establishing the commodity data synchronization among suppliers, retailors, e-commerce, and distributors.
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EDI Data Integration Services

  • 1. In China, we have covered 80% of super businesses in the need of EDI services and the maximum super business ports in our SAAS platform, thus becoming the Leading domestic EDI service provider.
  • 2. The systems of retailors and suppliers dock safely, so as to realize the data’s automatic interaction and solve some universal problems of data with masses sources, decentralization, large amount, high treatment cost, inefficiency, and frequent errors.
  • The Leading EDI Value Added Service in the Market

  • Order integration service includes basic services of mapping orders, checking orders, converting format, and merging and spitting orders, as well as value-added services of inspecting the contents of the orders, filtering the repeated orders, binding orders, merging or spitting orders, and dealing with special orders and E-catalog.
  • EDI daily operation and maintenance service: monitor data acquisition, transmission, and processing, so as to ensure that the data can be transmitted to the users timely and accurately.

Distributor Management Platform

  • Obtain sales and inventory information of the distributors, get intact and clear data, allocate resources flexibly, make rational production plan, and reduce inventory pressure. Through simple and flexible functional module, purchase-sell-stock management system, and SFA system, the platform builds up a complete, efficient, and effective distribution system for the enterprise and promotes its overall operational efficiency.

DMS Management System

The system helps distributors connect with channel partners and timely master the information of multiple channels. It also supports all the daily operational work of the contributors and helps them get through all the processes on the order, which greatly promotes the work efficiency to deal with orders and deliver products.

Online Sales Visit System

Based on KPI-oriented sales management, the system can quickly collect the information of terminal stores, actual orders, and sales promotion and combine with standardized sales visit, so as to standardize sales process and promote work efficiency.

Vehicle Sales & Distribution System

Completely match vehicle sales services with distribution services, timely trace the information of product delivery and collection, and check the inventory of distributors, so as to control the material flow and capital flow from contributors to the terminal store.

ECC&TMS Management Platform

  • 1. As the earliest platform to monitor the temperature of cold chain in China, we have supervised over 900 cold stores and 300 refrigerated trucks, which has helped us accumulate years of work experience;
  • 2. Through tracing the operation of the store, transporting equipment, and its staff, the user can avoid the accidents, reduce waste, and optimize the source;
  • 3. Prompt warming can timely remind the customer of taking measures to avoid the damage of the products and the happening of the accidents;
  • 4. The customized report can help the manager to formulate the processing steps rationally;
  • 5. The accurate calculation and analysis of operating cost can further optimize resource allocation in the all sections;
  • 6. Both retails and suppliers can trace and monitor the executing state of logistics nodes all the way, in order to achieve visible transportation and careful management.

The ECC cold chain management platform of PowerE2E has two main modules: storage module and transportation module, which can cover the whole process from manufacturing, transportation, storage, to sales terminal.

Monitoring RangeReport TypesHardware Equipment
Storage Module• humiture of the cold store
humiture of the processing plant
humiture of the pre-cooling room
humiture of the shipping dock
humiture of the cold store and freezer in the retail store
on-off state and lasting time of the doors in the cold store and freezer
working condition of the cooling machine (with the help of machine supplier)
statistical and analytical report
KPI-based report
Scorecard-based report
customized report
temperature recorder
wired/wireless real-time monitoring equipment
portable wireless real-time monitoring equipment
Transportation Moduleon-off state and lasting time of the car door
time and place to load and discharge the cargo
working condition of the cooling machine (with the help of machine supplier)

Online Payment Platform for Supply Chain

The platform provides customers with a simple, safe, and timely payment method; customers can link with the present payment channel of PowerE2E through online interface to finish the payment, and check and match the related capital flows. The platform is available for various businesses, multiple channels, and modular services, bringing customers more choices. The integration of multiple payment methods makes payment simpler and more efficient.

Platform Advantages

  • Convenient in connection  The connection of the who platform minimizes the time and manual work in the payment;
  • Stable and reliable  Strong technical system and operation and maintenance team guarantee the transaction to run steadily;
  • Security assurance  All the data transmission and storage are processed by a special encryption;
  • Low service fee  The platform offers the lowest service fee to reduce the operating costs.
  • Fast capital flow  The capital can flow to the account instantly, so as to help customers recoup the capital rapidly and reduce the pressure on capital turnover.

Account Checking & Invoice Management

Faced with masses of retail data interface, customers encounter series of enormous problems, such as decentralized financial affairs, impacted cash flow, masses of manual work, and inefficient manual checking. Moreover, the loss of invoice causes huge fines, and false invoice leads to tax examination.

The account checking system of PowerE2E is approved by China’s tax bureau; the system’s unified management of data interface of retails and suppliers has realized an efficient and complete account checking processes coordinated by the two sides.

  • Advantages of the System:

  • Normalize the accounting checking process for suppliers and reduce offline operation and its communication;
  • Formulate account checking rules to lower the human errors in the account checking and billing;
  • The system pre-judges the billing information automatically to reduce the refund rate;
  • In order to trace easily, retails and suppliers can trace the account checking online;
  • The matching relation of invoice and business document can be imported to the system automatically, so as to reduce the recording work of both retails and suppliers.



The timeliness and accuracy of the product information synchronization haven’t been guaranteed, the purchasers cannot timely master the information of new product and price change, and the product information is inefficiently managed, which lead to 3.5% of losses on sale.


Support the user to manage its own product information in the way of SAAS and help the businesses to realize data sharing and information synchronization.
The synchronized product information includes property, price, promotion period, life cycle, new products, and quota.

  • 1. On the condition of supporting GS1 standards, PowerE2E agrees to dock with GS1 and also support the customized standards related with customers and enterprises;
  • 2. The product information differs from distinct retails and contracts; when new products are released and the price is changed, retails will be reformed timely.


  • Improved the abilities to do reports, trace orders, and make plans;
  • The simpler supplement and modification help the enterprise grasp the latest commodity information as soon as possible;
  • The more accurate ordering, delivery, and reception can reduce logistics resource and human cost; .

An excellent E-Catalog can save 40% of operating cost for retailors or supermarkets.

Core Value

Focusing on customers, PowerE2E has concentrated on the coordination of supply chains for a long time and constantly created fortunes for masses of customers. We have contributed to our common career with responsibility and capability, thus bringing health, happiness, and wealth to all the staff in the company.

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